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Most people I know love the Dollar Spot at Target. Occasionally, I park on the opposite side of our Target to avoid going in the entrance near the Dollar Spot for fear of blowing my budget. It’s that awesome of a spot. Recently, I found myself drawn there by all of the holiday decor. Usually I spend my Dollar Spot funds on trinkets or candy for my girls, but not this time. Target has added a whole slew of well done holiday items in a budget friendly price range. I was inspired by these great finds to try my hand at a 15 minute Halloween mantel makeover.Banners are a must for this Halloween mantle makeover.

15 Minute Halloween Mantel Makeover

One of the easiest, and yet most frustrating, places to decorate in my house is my mantel. Our TV and soundbar sit above the mantel, and I can’t put too much on it for fear of blocking the sensors (the horror!). Cue my finds at Target’s Dollar Spot that were not only  budget friendly, but fit my space.Decorating has never been easier thanks to Target's Dollar Spot. Grab some budget friendly items and complete this Halloween Mantle Makeover in less than 15 minutes. #halloween #decor #mantle #target #dollarspot #targetdollarspot #halloweendecor

Target Supplies

Because the Dollar Spot varies from store to store, and season to season, it’s hard to share my exact findings and expect you’ll get the same. The general ideas are:

  • Wooden sign (I chose “Eek” because it was different from the overdone “Boo”)
  • Banner (Again, I went with “Spooky,” but they also had “Thrills and Chills” and regular ol’ “Happy Halloween”)
  • Glittery tree (because, duh, glitter)
  • Battery powered holiday lights (this was my favorite find)

How to Decorate

After you’ve gathered supplies, determining the best way to display them is crucial.Before my Halloween mantle makeover. I’ve found that setting items at differing heights gives a nice effect, and it creates a visual line of interest for the viewer. My “Eek” sign was too low when I first placed it on the mantel, so I dug around in my Halloween bin until I found something suitable to set it on. The black tea light holder made a perfect prop. Pictured on the mantel, but not purchased at Target, were my girls’ pumpkins from their class field trip, and a tea light holder I purchased several years ago during an after Halloween sale.After my Halloween mantle makeover.

Budget Friendly Doesn’t Mean Ugly

Occasionally when I hear the term “budget friendly” I think “cheap.” Sometimes we use those words to politely describe something cheap (kinda like “bless your heart,” right y’all?). However, the budget friendliness of the Dollar Spot has stepped up in recent years in terms of its quality.Halloween lights from the Dollar Spot make this mantle makeover even more festive. Now I think of budget friendly as “inexpensive, but still of good quality.” Do I think my decor will last through next year? Probably (if the minions don’t get to it first). Will they last me 5 years? Again, depending on how I care for them sure, but not necessarily likely. Fortunately, because my entire Halloween mantel makeover cost me less than $15, I won’t be too hurt if I have to purchase new supplies next year.Eek is a fun way to spread Halloween fun on your festive mantle.

Halloween Decorations

Now that you’ve seen what I was able to do for less than $15, I’d love to see what you can create! Share your holiday decorations with me in the comments or by connecting with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!