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30 is the new 20. At least, I keep telling myself that it is. It’s actually not, and I’m 100% ok with that. 30 is 30. It’s most assuredly not 20.

My twenties were great. Lots of awesome things happened in my twenties. I went to Auburn. Graduated. Got married. Had twins. Lots of life has happened for me in the last 10 years. But not all of life.

So what’s a girl to do when she turns the big 3-0? Everyone keeps asking me if I feel “old,” but, honestly, I’ve felt “old” for the last six years (thanks, kids), so that’s not really anything new. So what do I feel? I feel like I’m just getting started.Many Faces of Me

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Because my twenties were so busy (graduating college, getting married, having kids, and moving houses three times will do that to you), I didn’t get a chance to make a “30 Before 30” list. Not really sure that I would have wanted to anyway. So why now? Why am I making a list now? Like I’ve said, I feel like I’m just getting started with life, so why not?Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

The List

This list is my list. It’s not your list. It’s not your mama’s list. It’s mine.

It’s going to have a lot of Disney related things. It’s going to have a lot of travel related things. You don’t have to like my list. We can still be friends, I promise. My goal is to inspire myself, and possibly a few of you, to reach for the impossible. 40 Things to Do Before 40

40 Things to Do Before 40

  1. Visit a country I’ve never been to before
  2. Take an Alaskan Cruise
  3. Visit Disneyland Paris with my family
  4. Visit Shanghai Disneyland
  5. Visit Tokyo Disney
  6. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland
  7. Attend a Star Wars movie premiere
  8. Meet and interview a Disney Imagineer (February 2018)
  9. Write a viral post on my blog or social media
  10. Go on a cross country road trip
  11. See the Grand Canyon
  12. Go to an MLS game
  13. Go to the Superbowl
  14. Go to a Carolina Panthers game
  15. Watch a Winter or Summer Olympics in person
  16. Ice Skate in Central Park
  17. Ski in Colorado in freshly fallen snow
  18. Start a tshirt business
  19. Run a marathon
  20. Run a 1/2 marathon
  21. Run a 10k
  22. Run a runDisney race
  23. Earn the Coast to Coast runDisney medal
  24. Visit Jerusalem and surrounding areas
  25. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  26. Eat a food without asking what it is
  27. Go to Europe for a month
  28. Go back to Hawaii
  29. Apply to be on The Amazing Race
  30. Go to a taping of The Price is Right
  31. Run into a celebrity and unashamedly ask for a selfie
  32. See all of the films nominated for Academy Awards BEFORE the awards show airs
  33. Fly First Class somewhere
  34. Go to a music festival (preferably not Coachella)
  35. Ride a zip line
  36. Experience the Chinese New Year
  37. Treat myself to a ridiculously expensive item of clothing
  38. Publish a book
  39. Watch the sun rise (February 2018)
  40. Ride a train to a destination

Having a birthday often makes one reflect on the life you've lived and the life you want to live. As I enter my thirties, I want to live with more intention. I created a personal list of 40 things to do before 40 in hopes that I will inspire not only myself, but others as well.

As I complete each of these, I will come back to this post and mark them off my list. Wish me luck!