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It’s almost that time again! Yes, I’m talking about school. I can’t believe we just have a few weeks left until my girls go back to school. As excited as we all are to get back on a schedule, I’m also somewhat dreading it. We’ve really enjoyed our lazy, relaxed summer. Getting back into a routine is going to be a challenge, but I know it’s going to have to be done.

7 Ideas for Back to School Routines

After browsing some of my favorite sites, I came across some great ideas for helping families get back on track. I love being able to search for ideas others have come up with. Sometimes, I find brand new ideas. Other times, their ideas are great reminders of things I’ve forgotten. I’ve rounded up a list of the best ideas for getting back to the school routine.Getting back into a school routine can be hard. Read these best tips and ideas for getting back to the school routine easily. It can be done!1. I love these ideas from Mariah at The Simple Parent! Her tip I love the most? The bedtime routine matters!
ideas for back to school routines2. The Dude Mom says, “Make breakfast accessible.” YES! The more kids can help you do in the mornings, the better off everyone will be.

3. Jennifer from Sweet T Makes Three has five great ideas to help make school mornings less stressful.ideas for back to school routines4. Streamline your morning routine with these simple tips from Julie at Mom Rewritten. They are so simple, yet so easy to forget!

5. Need a command center to help with your routine? Check out this awesome DIY Command Center from Sara at Mom Endeavors!ideas for back to school routines6. Got a nervous kid? Try Kori’s tips for easing your child back into school. “Make sure you’re not adding to your child’s anxiety,” Kori says. Ooof. Yeah. That’s me sometimes. Great reminders that kids often take on the worries of their parents!

7. My personal favorite? This printable I created last year helped us out IMMENSELY with getting into an organized routine.

Share Your Ideas

I hope my round up of ideas was helpful, but I’d also love to hear from you! Parenting is not for the faint of heart, and we’re all in this together. Share your best tips for getting back into the school routine by commenting below or connecting with me on Facebook and Twitter!