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Thanks to the team at the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism and Dollywood for giving my family tickets to your theme park. All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Dollywood Entrance sign at the front of the theme park

Dollywood is Dolly Parton’s family focused theme park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We have been several times over the last few years, and each time my girls have been ready to try new things. This is our list of the best Dollywood rides for kids!

The Best Dollywood Rides for Kids

I want to preface this list by stating that I’ve got two kids that are polar opposites of one another.

Dollywood Theme Park Ticket

Caroline has recently become our resident thrill junkie, while Mackenzie opts to play it safe. If you have kids who differ in age or who have different comfort levels with rides, I hope this post will be helpful!

Country Fair

First, upon entering Dollywood, guests will have to decide to go left or right. If you choose right, you’ll head toward an area known as Country Fair. This is the “kiddie” area of the park with rides in varying stages of height requirement.

Busy Bee ride in Country Fair area of Dollywood

Sarah’s Tip: Before you choose a direction, make sure you visit the centralized measurement station at the front left of the park! Children can be measured and fitted with a colored wristband that allows workers to see if they meet the height requirements right away! No more sad faces after waiting in line only to find out you’re not tall enough!

In Country Fair, you’ll find:

  • Amazing Flying Elephants
  • Busy Bees
  • Demolition Derby
  • Dizzy Disk
  • Lemon Twist
  • Lucky Duck
  • Piggy Parade
  • Scrambler
  • Shooting Star
  • Sky Rider
  • Waltzing Swinger

Most of these rides are low, circular rides, but a few of them are high in the sky, small thrill rides. Demolition Derby is probably our favorite because bumper cars are just too fun to pass up!

Craftsman Valley

Next, Blazing Fury is a thrilling attraction that requires guest to be at least 42 inches in height. As you zoom along through an town from the 1880s, watch out! A fire is threatening to blaze out of control!

It looks like a coaster, but it only has one hill at the very end of the ride that is big enough to warrant the lap bar that secures you to the seat. Blazing Fury may be a little intense for some younger riders, so you may want to hold their hand on this one.

Jukebox Junction

After Craftsman Valley, head over to Rockin’ Roadway at Jukebox Junction. This ride reminds me a lot of another family favorite ride of ours at a different theme park.

Rockin Roadway Ride at Dollywood

Children under 42 inches must be accompanied by someone at least 16 years old or older, but they can still “drive” the car if they so choose! I’m really glad we are past that height restriction as the cars aren’t exactly roomy enough for the long legs of an adult!

Owens Farm

Caroline wasn’t so sure about Mountain Sidewinder until we got on it! Be prepared to get a little wet as you race down the hill on a toboggan-like ride vehicle. Children will need to be at least 39 inches tall to experience the thrilling turns and twists of this cool ride!

Rivertown Junction

On a hot day, Smoky Mountain River Rampage is awesome! This ride is your typical “raft” ride down the stream and around the corner.

You will get wet on Smoky Mountain River Rampage at Dollywood, which makes it a great ride for kids and families!

It’s not a long ride, but look out if you get stuck waiting to get back into the “raft house.” I ended up on the wrong side of the raft and got soaked not once, but twice, by the nearby geysers! Thankfully, it was a hot day, and I ended up drying off pretty quickly.

Timber Canyon

One of the girls’ favorite areas of the park, besides Country Fair, was Timber Canyon. Home to the newest kid-friendly coaster, Whistle Punk Chaser, Timber Canyon has some exciting rides for parents too!

 Whistle Punk Chaser coaster is one of the best Dollywood rides for kids because it is short and has small hills.

In addition to Whistle Punk Chaser, Lumberjack Lifts allow kids (and parents) to hoist themselves up as high as they can go. Think of it as a “strong man” challenge to see how high you can get!

What are the best Dollywood rides for kids? We've got all the tips you need to know for small thrills, big thrills, and what kids of all ages will like. Read our best rides for kids in Dollywood article to help you plan your trip! #dollywood #dollywoodinsider #dollywoodrides #ridesforkids #familytravel #southerntravel #traveltips #themeparktips

The Village

Located adjacent to Country Fair, The Village is home to Dollywood Express and the Village Carousel. Mackenzie loves riding the Village Carousel. If your child can manage on their own, you don’t have to ride with them. If they need a little help, you can stand on the carousel platform next to your child and assist them.

Village Carousel is one of the best Dollywood rides for kids of all ages.

We did not have a chance to ride the Dollywood Express ourselves on this last trip, but I was told that if you take a ride around the park, you will be able to see the beginnings of the new land they are planning for 2019! How exciting!

Train called the Dollywood Express at Dollywood

If you have suggestions for some rides that I left off, let me know! Hope you enjoy your vacation to Dollywood!

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