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What happens when you can’t visit the Disney Parks? Whether the timing isn’t right to travel or you’ve just returned from a trip and are eager for the next one, Disney withdrawals are real. The anticipation of travel can bring such excitement! What better way to get excited than by watching some amazing Disney Parks inspired shows and movie at home.

Cinderella Castle in the Afternoon at Disney's Magic Kingdom

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What to Watch to Create Disney Magic at Home

Are you missing traveling to the happiest place on Earth? Me too, y’all. Me too. So how do we get Disney vacation magic at home? One of the easiest ways to bring a little magic into your home is through your TV. Here’s what to watch and where to watch it to bring your Disney vacation home to you.

Bring Disney Parks home with this list of what to stream and where to watch shows and movies about Disney! #disneyplus #netflix #disneyparks

Disney Parks Shows and Movies at Home

To begin your stream-fest, let’s start with the Disney Parks themselves. I’m including shows and movies that either take place in the parks themselves or are about the parks.

Disneyland Park Partners Statue

Amazon Prime Disney Shows

Each of the movies or shows listed under this category are free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Video

Undiscovered Disney Parks is a 1 hour documentary about rides, restaurants, and souvenirs that are not as popular as others. This would be a good show to watch before you next Disney vacation!

Disney Parks is a seven episode documentary that covers Walt Disney World, Disneyland, AND Disney Cruise Line. Talk about the ultimate Disney vacation show!

Another great show is Ultimate Walt Disney World. Enjoy a rider view of all the incredible Disney World thrill rides from home! Yes, it’s a little dated, but it’s free to watch with a Prime membership, so it’ll do in a pinch!

Ultimate Walt Disney World Cover Art

Finally, check out Disneyland Behind the Scenes. Again, this is a little dated and doesn’t include the most recent changes and additions to the resort, but it’s still a fun watch nonetheless!

Disneyland Behind the Scenes

Disney Shows and Movies on Netflix

Since Disney created its own streaming service last year, movies and shows have been slowly moving off of Netflix and onto the company owned streaming service.


However, you can still watch a few shows that will have you dreaming of visiting the parks!

One of my favorite movies in the last few years has been Saving Mr. Banks. While the story focuses on Walt’s journey to gain the rights create Mary Poppins, the Disneyland scenes are worth the watch for the nostalgia factor alone. You can also find this movie on Disney+.

Disneyland scene from Saving Mr. Banks

The Pixar Story is a documentary that gives viewers a behind the scenes look at Pixar Animation Studios. The film was created by Leslie Iwerks who also created the incredible documentary The Imagineering Story for Disney+.

The Pixar Story

Disney Parks on Disney+

Finally, and most obviously, the majority of the content you’re looking for is going to be on the company’s own streaming service, Disney+. If you have not pulled the trigger yet by investing in another streaming service, I encourage you to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

The Imagineering Story, as referenced above, was created by Leslie Iwerks, the granddaughter of legendary Disney animator Ub Iwerks. It spans 7 lengthy episodes and is absolutely worth the binge!

The Imagineering Story

Another documentary, One Day at Disney, has both an hour long documentary and several shorts as part of its offering. The documentary and shorts focus on the personal stories of people who work for the Disney company. It covers everyone from Robin Roberts to various Imagineers and animators to CEO Bob Iger himself.

One Day at Disney Documentary

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings often take place in the parks, so if you’re jonesing for some beautiful parks imagery, this show is for you.

Streaming Disney Parks. What to watch and where to watch to get your Disney vacation fix in a snap! #streamingdisney #disneyshows #disneyplus #netflix

Next, Disney Insider tells the stories behind Disney’s films, parks, destinations, toys, and more. This is an all-encompassing docuseries that will share from many different facets of the Walt Disney Company.

Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic originally aired on Freeform. If you’re in the mood for some holiday happiness, this show shares how the parks get decorated for the Christmas season.

Disneyland Around the Seasons

Finally, Disneyland Around the Seasons, which originally aired three days after Walt’s death in 1967, is narrated by the man himself and shows the opening of classic attraction “it’s a small world” and New Orleans Square.

What are you watching to cure your Disney Parks blues?