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Star Wars The Last Jedi has now been in theaters for over 2 weeks, so I feel safe posting this review. I saw it again for the second time with my kiddos this past weekend, and I came out of our theater with a new appreciation for it. Be advised, this review WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Please do not read any further if you don’t want the plot revealed to you yet.Fan review Star Wars The Last Jedi

Fan Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi Didn’t Suck

In my other life, I am a movie critic. I see all the films and give them all tomatoes and everyone totally thinks my opinion is the bee knees. Reality? A professional critic, I am not. I am, however, a devoted cinema fan who loves to see movies. I love to discuss, dissect, and debate movies. For the last few weeks, Star Wars The Last Jedi has caused somewhat of a hot debate in the Star Wars fan community. Not since the prequels (that many do not want to acknowledge) has there been such divisive chatter surrounding a Star Wars film. My hope is that, by reading my thoughts, fans will come to an understanding. Minds do not have to be changed, but maybe we can attempt to live together with one another, whether we think The Last Jedi sucked or not.

Not What You Think

Rian Johnson brilliantly sets us all up for what we’re about to watch, if you can bear to look closely. From the moment Luke throws his lightsaber over his shoulder in the beginning of the film, the tone is immediately set. Yes, there was some camp. I wasn’t a fan of the Poe/General Hux dialogue at the beginning until after my second viewing. That was funny, y’all. Rian Johnson continually tip toed the line between irreverence to the franchise and some much needed humor injected into an otherwise serious film. I mean, how much brooding Kylo Ren can we really take for 2.5 hours?Star Wars Force Friday

You Don’t Have a Place in This Story

Say what you will about the “agenda” of this movie, but I felt it refreshingly modern for 2017. Who was at the forefront of this movie? Women. And not just any women, mind you. Strong women. Commanding women. Not a single one of them was a damsel in distress. For my daughter that loves to be the hero, there were finally a plethora of heroes for her to choose from. Rose, Vice Admiral Holdo, Lieutenant Connix, Leia, even the unnamed kids from Canto Bight were awesome in their roles. Above all, Rey, our main hero, showed us that you don’t have to be a Skywalker or a Kenobi or even a Solo to matter in this story.Fan review Star Wars The Last Jedu

The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is

If “anyone can be anything” was one them of The Last Jedi, “failure” was another. Luke failed. Kylo Ren failed. The Resistance (seemingly) failed. But out of the ashes of failure, a new hope has been born. Another favorite film of mine, Batman Begins, has a line that says, “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” The old way of the Jedi and the Rebels has fallen. They’re going to have to regroup and rise again. The same goes for the First Order and Ben Solo. Side note, I love that moment whey Rey started calling him Ben instead of Kylo. I have major hope for that relationship (not necessarily romantic, but I do believe they have a connection). Both sides have been dealt a blow and they will no longer look the same when they rise again.Fan review of Star Wars The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi Didn’t Suck

Listen, I’ve seen all the Star Wars films. Yes, even the prequels (and more than once, I might add). The Last Jedi didn’t suck. It is not even in the same league of suckage as The Phantom Menace. I know that there were campy moments and weird plot choices that didn’t make sense. But overall? The Last Jedi is a classic Star Wars film that makes you hungry for more. The force does not “belong” to the Jedi. Ben Solo, leader of the Dark Side, is a conflicted “child in a mask.” Rey is a nobody that became somebody. Where is this all going? I, for one, can’t wait to find out.Fan review Star Wars The Last JediMy girls both enjoyed The Last Jedi. While there was typical Star Wars violence, there was nothing I felt warranted me covering their eyes. There was mild swearing and a shirtless Kylo Ren, but other than that, not much for parents to be concerned about when taking kids.Not since the prequels has a Star Wars film caused such controversy. The film had its positives and negatives, but overall it was a classic Star Wars film. Read this fan review of Star Wars The Last Jedi to find out why it didn't suck. #StarWars #TheLastJedi #moviereview #fanreview

If you haven’t seen The Last Jedi, don’t let the haters deter you. It’s a good continuation of the saga that every fan needs to see. If you have seen it, what did you think? Let’s discuss! Leave a comment here or find me on Facebook and Twitter!