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Have you ever wanted to disconnect? Have you ever wanted to head out to the wilderness for rest and refreshment? That’s precisely what prompted Jon Staff and Pete Davis to found Getaway Cabins in 2015. Find out what to expect on your visit with this Getaway Cabins Coosa River review.

Outside view of Getaway Cabins Coosa River

Getaway Cabins Coosa River Review-What is it?

Getaway Cabins were designed with nature in mind. The locations are off the beaten path, somewhat remote, and offer visitors a chance to get away and relax.

View of doorway at Getaway Cabin Coosa River

The tiny cabins typically fit two people, but some have queen bunk beds that will sleep up to four. Getaway Cabins Coosa River is located off highway 280 in Childersburg, Alabama, and it feels like you’re driving out to the middle of nowhere when you begin your journey.

Included in Getaway Cabin Stays

A stay in a Getaway Cabin includes “everything you need and nothing you don’t” if you want to experience a weekend of the basics. Cooking essentials such as pots and pans, utensils, salt, pepper, olive oil, plates, paper towels, trash bags, sponges, and towels are included. The cabin also offers coffee, tea, hot cocoa, firewood, and insect repellent for an additional purchase.

Kitchen inside Getaway Cabin Coosa River

Other amenities included are a shower, toilet, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sheets, comforter, towels, and toilet paper.

What to Bring to a Getaway Cabin

If you don’t want to make extra purchases at the cabin, consider bringing supplies from home. There are several grocery stores on the way to the sites, so it would be easy to stop for food, drinks, firewood, coffee-making supplies, and anything else you might need.

Fire pit outside Getaway Cabins

The cell service is spotty, which is purposeful, but if you want to watch a show or movie while you’re away, it is recommended to download them before you arrive.

What Not to Bring to a Getaway Cabin

Packing for a short getaway can be confusing. Should you pack warm or cool clothes? Do you need more than one pair of shoes? What about hair or makeup needs? Getaway Cabins are designed to be minimal and private, so don’t feel as if you must dress a certain way or get “made up.”

Bed area inside Getaway Cabin

No hairdryers are provided, so one might be needed if that is something you can’t live without. However, I would leave any styling tools or makeup at home (or in your vehicle, at least). The cabins are small on space, so anything unnecessary might be a trip hazard or make the space feel cramped.

FAQs About Getaway Cabins

Wondering what it’s like to stay in a Getaway Cabin? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with answers:

  • Are the cabins private?
    • Yes, to an extent. If you are planning a stay in the winter, leaves will likely not be on the trees, which means you may be able to see some parts of the nearby campsite from yours. However, there are shades on the cabin windows for extra privacy if you need them.
  • Is there really no Wifi?
    • Yes. You may be able to get a bar or two of service, but it is not guaranteed. Take the opportunity to unplug and enjoy yourself.
  • Do the cabins have running water?
    • Absolutely! Not only do they have running water, but there is warm water for showers too. The hot water tank takes a little time to fill up between uses, so don’t be in a rush to get ready.
  • Can a tent be used outside the cabin?
    • Getaway Cabins intends their guests to experience tranquility and solitude, so they don’t allow tents with extra guests or loud music at the campsites.
  • Where is my nearest outpost?
    • Getaway Cabins have over 15 outposts around the country and are still growing. Visit the Getaway website to find the one nearest you.
Getaway Cabins provide some activities for guests.

Are Getaway Cabins Worth a Visit?

Considering the cost of some weekend getaways, Getaway Cabins are reasonably priced. The cabins feel like a getaway without the hassle of planning a full vacation if you live in the Birmingham or Atlanta areas. It is a nice break from the routine of life to experience the tranquility of the great outdoors.