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I love going to the movies. I had big dreams when I was younger of being a movie star, but reality quickly set in as I matured and realized that movie stars don’t always have an easy or glamourous life 24/7. Even though that dream changed for me, I still enjoy and appreciate the art of storytelling through moving pictures. I never got into reading comics, but I can appreciate a good superhero movie nonetheless. Keep reading for more of my Infinity War fan review as I attempt to answer the question, “Did it live up to the hype?”

Infinity War Fan Review

As a non-comic reading fan, married to a comic-reading husband, I got the 411 pretty early on about what was probably going to happen in Avengers: Infinity War. It didn’t matter. I was 100% unprepared for what I watched last weekend. So unprepared, in fact, that it’s taken me four whole days to process the latest Marvel Studios installment. Before I continue this review any further, please be aware that there will be spoilers. If you have not seen the movie yet, bookmark my post and come back later. You have been warned.

Did it Live Up to the Hype?

Over the last few months, the PR department at Marvel Studios (and Disney, for that matter) have been doing a fantastic job reminding us that our adventure into the Marvel Cinematic Universe began 10 years ago with the introduction of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. By the way, if you need a MCU refresher, my friends have some great posts about what to watch to prepare to see Avengers: Infinity War.Infinity War has been a long time coming. Fans have been clamoring for this movie in a way that can only be described as passionate apprehension. Would Captain America make it out alive? Would Thanos succeed in actually destroying the universe? WHY IS THERE NO HAWKEYE IN THE MOVIE POSTERS? Ok, so that last one was answered in the movie, albeit kinda lamely, so I’m expecting him to come in and save the day with Ant-Man in next year’s yet-as-to-be-revealed “Avengers 4.”

But did it live up to the hype of the last 10 years?


Fan Appreciation

Why does it live up to the hype when the ending was so brutal? Because, unlike Avengers: Age of Ultron which felt very much like a middle story, the Infinity War is not yet over. That isn’t to say I didn’t sit in my seat, look over at my husband and say, “What the heck did we just watch??” when it was over. I absolutely did. I was gutted. But I think that was the entire point. Fan theories, discussion groups, Reddit threads are all alive and well as we sit in the waiting room mulling over the genius of the Russo brothers and the performances of the cast.

Incredible Acting

Speaking of acting, can we talk about Tom Holland (Spider-Man) improvising his death scene? Between that and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen aka Scarlet Witch) bawling her eyes out as she destroys the mind stone and holds off Thanos, the ending of Infinity War was ROUGH.It’s not often that acting ability comes into play when discussing superhero movies, but I think fans and critics alike should appreciate what the cast did in this film. It wasn’t just gratuitous violence or CGI villains, but real acting with emotional scenes and dialogue.

Is it Safe for Kids?

Consequently, my girls have seen almost all of the Marvel movies up to this point. I will preface this by saying that the “tougher” ones with more violence and cursing have been saved for TV viewing. Avengers: Infinity War is going to be the same way for them. As each film in the MCU progressed, the stakes were raised and beloved characters were injured, killed, or turned on one another. That is a difficult thing to process when you’re still in elementary school. You know your own child(ren), and if they are emotionally ready for favorite characters to die (and have heartbreaking death scenes), then take them.

But if they are sensitive, it may be best to wait until it comes to Blu-Ray/DVD or TV so you can control what is seen and heard.

Final Thoughts

Above all, all MCU and Marvel comics fans should go see this film. Yes, you may leave with a scowl, but find a group of friends to process it with. Or take a buddy with you and prepare for a long coffee date afterward to unpack the emotional baggage you’ll surely be bringing along.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters NOW!Infinity War is the most highly anticipated Marvel movie to date! Did it live up to the hype? Will fans love it? What about casual fans? Find out all of that and more in this Infinity War Fan Review. Spoilers ahead, so beware! #avengers #infinitywar #marvel #marvelmovies #avengersinfinitywar #superheroes #marvelstudios

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