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Thank you to Allied Media-Atlanta for inviting me to cover the red carpet and world premiere of the new film “Life of the Party”

“Life of the Party” stars Melissa McCarthy and is directed by Ben Falcone. What is the premise of “Life of the Party?” Melissa’s character, Deanna, is abruptly asked by her husband Dan (played by Matt Walsh) for a divorce after dropping their daughter (played by Molly Gordon) off for her last year of college. Deanna, who spent the last 20 years or so raising their daughter, is left with nothing after she learns her husband has immediate plans to remarry and sell their home.

Life of the Party Movie Review

Our story begins when we discover that Deanna never finished her college degree when she married. She’s been doing the “mom thing” for so long, she doesn’t have a way to support herself after the divorce. Thus we have a catalyst to move the story forward. Deanna goes back to college at her alma mater, which just so happens to be where her daughter is also finishing her degree.

Setting aside the fact that it’s not that easy to pick back up where you left off in your degree from 20+ years ago, following Deanna on her journey to self sufficiency is both a little fun and a little ridiculous.

Trademark Comedy

Melissa McCarthy’s trademark physical comedy and timing is ever present in “Life of the Party.” If you loved her in “Bridesmaids,” you will certainly love her in “Life of the Party.” There were moments in the script that seemed a little far fetched to me, but this film is not meant to be taken seriously.

Scene Stealers

I was fortunate enough to attend the red carpet premiere of “Life of the Party,” and as such, I was able to talk to a few of the film’s stars. Molly Gordon, Gillian Jacobs, and Jessie Ennis play Deanna’s daughter and her friends respectively, and they absolutely steal the show. Gillian’s character, Helen, was probably my favorite character in the film. Her timing and delivery of lines was funny and on point.

Why You Should Go with Your Mom

There’s no mistaking the message of this film. Behind all the hilarity and antics that one could possibly imagine when a 40+ year old goes back to college is a message of love and acceptance. Deanna has to accept that she’s not going to get back together with her husband. Her daughter has to accept the fact that she’s going to be seeing mom around campus every day.Life of the Party

Sure, I think it’s a stretch to imagine partying in college with my mom, but without those scenes, this movie wouldn’t be nearly as funny. Suspend your imagination for a bit and just enjoy stepping back in time for those awesome 80s themed frat parties (will that decade ever stop being a party theme?).

Is it Safe for Kids?

I don’t automatically assume a PG-13 rating means it’s inappropriate for kids, but in this case, it’s warranted. There is some mild language, but even more than that is the insinuation of some “extra” library fun as well as an odd walk-of-shame moment that will make you laugh and cringe all at once. Adult humor that is 100% meant for adults.Ask your significant other to handle kid duty for one night and take your mom out for a belly-aching good time.

Life of the Party is now in theaters everywhere!

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