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Thank you to Allied Media-Atlanta for inviting me to cover the red carpet and world premiere of the new film “Life of the Party” starring Melissa McCarthy!

For the last few years, covering a major film by interviewing stars and walking on the proverbial red carpet has been on my bucket list. I was able to check off that box earlier this week, and I can’t wait to do it again! Wanna know what it’s like standing on the press side? Keep reading to find out everything about the Life of the Party world premiere and red carpet experience!Life of the Party Red Carpet

Life of the Party World Premiere and Red Carpet Experience

First, let me explain a little bit about the how and why and where of the Life of the Party red carpet. The basic premise of the film is that Melissa McCarthy’s character, Deanna, is going back to college to finish her degree. To add a little fun to the red carpet, they held a nationwide contest to decide which college town would host the premiere, and, of course, Auburn won!Red Carpet step and repeat for the world premiere of Life of the Party.I couldn’t be prouder of my alma mater. A lot has changed since I graduated 10 years ago (holy crap I’m old), but the passion of the people hasn’t waned a bit.

Red Carpet Check-In

Living in Birmingham allowed me to drive down to Auburn in just over 2 hours, and I couldn’t wait to check out the new-to-me theater and red carpet setup. At 5pm on the dot, media check-in began, and I was placed at the end of a long line of press with a few other awesome bloggers and online media outlets.

While waiting for the film’s stars to show up, I spent¬† time chatting with fellow members of the press and other bloggers. It was awesome to be able to chat with people who understood exactly what I did and offered advice and words of encouragement!

The Stars Arrive

As much as I like to toot my own horn about how awesome I am, I cannot beat out Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood when it comes to star interviews. Due to my being at the end of the press line, I spent a lot of my time waiting. Waiting for the stars to arrive. Waiting for the stars to make it down to me. Watching and waiting is the name of the game when you’re on the red carpet.Matt Walsh and I on the Life of the Party Red CarpetWhile I didn’t get a chance to speak to Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, or Julie Bowen, I did manage to ask questions to Matt Walsh, Jimmy O. Yang, Gillian Jacobs, Stephen Root, Jessie Ennis, Molly Gordon, Adria Arjona, and Luke Benward.

The Interviews

My interviews were short, sweet, and to the point. I asked each actor, “If you could go back to college, would you? Why or why not?” and to some of them I followed up with “Would you change your major?”Jimmy O. Yang on the red carpet of Life of the Party.I was surprised to hear many of them had gone to college, and only one had actually gotten a degree in acting (FYI, Gillian Jacobs when to Julliard…how cool!).Gillian Jacobs at the Life of the Party red carpet.Of the stars who I spoke to that attended college, they all appreciated their experience, but if they went back, most of them would change their major or add something else to what they were already doing.Debby Ryan greets fans at the Life of the Party red carpet premiere.Not everyone attended college, though, and, when asked, they weren’t sure they’d go back and try it. Adria Arjona said, “I would love to take classes and learn as I got, but to go to a traditional college I would have to stop working in my career and I love my career too much to stop working.”Adria Arjona at the red carpet for Life of the Party premiere. I 100% get that. Traditional college isn’t for everyone, and I appreciated her honesty when I asked.Stephen Root at the Life of the Party red carpet premiere.Stephen Root told me he was a Florida Gator, so we had a good natured chat about the SEC and how much it has changed since he was in school!Luke Benward at the Life of the Party red carpet.

World Premiere Screening

Finally, it was time to screen the movie. I was excited to be one of the first to see Life of the Party, along with a few hundred Auburn residents and students. Life of the Party Red Carpet and World PremiereTim Hudson was even in the audience, yall! I’ll have a full review of the movie coming next week, but I’ll just preface that post by saying if you liked Bridesmaids, you will definitely like Life of the Party. It’s got some “adult” humor moments (though not as many as Bridesmaids), but it is light and funny and a great film full of typical Melissa McCarthy ridiculousness. I just adore her and her brand of comedy!

Full review of the film coming soon! See Life of the Party for yourself in theaters everywhere May 11!