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I can’t stop, won’t stop with my no carve pumpkin obsession. They’re so flipping easy! I got inspired to create a Mickey Mouse pumpkin because it’s his 90th birthday in 2018.

Minnie Mouse pumpkin finished look

Since I had all the things I needed for Mickey, buying one more pumpkin to make a Minnie was a no brainer! Read on for how to make your own Minnie Mouse no carve pumpkin.

Minnie Mouse No Carve Pumpkin

Just like with Mickey, the steps are simple and easy to follow. I love the variety of pumpkins I found in craft stores this year. White, orange, teal, black, and even purple pumpkins were showing up in the stores!

Minnie and Mickey make great decorations! Try these easy steps to create your own Minnie Mouse no carve pumpkin. It's simple and inexpensive! #disneyhalloween #minniemouse

Whatever color you choose, you too can make a Minnie Mouse no carve pumpkin.

Supplies for Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

I highly recommend purchasing a black craft pumpkin. It will save you time and steps. Here’s what else you will need:

  • Paint (red and black if you did not buy a black pumpkin)
  • Glue (hot glue, spray adhesive, etc.)
  • Craft foam in white and black
  • Painter’s tape
  • Bow
  • Ribbon

Minnie Mouse No Carve Pumpkin Directions

First, like Mickey, you’ll need to paint your pumpkin black if you have not purchased it already black. Two coats should do it, but you’ll need lots of drying time in between and after.

I would say about 30 minutes per coat, depending on the kind of paint you use.

Next, tape off the pumpkin around the center. Cover the top with old paper or saran wrap or something similar to protect it. Paint the bottom half red. Allow it to dry.

Minnie pumpkin painting supplies

While the pumpkin is drying, use a round object to trace ears and dots. I used a slightly bigger object (a candle) for the black ears, and I used a smaller object (the spray paint lid) to trace the white dots.

Again, I found awesome craft foam that already had a sticky back, which made this whole project that much easier. After the paint is dry, attach the ribbon first to simulate Minnie’s dress.

Minnie's pumpkin look is inspired by her iconic polka dot dress.

I used spray adhesive on the ribbon and pressed it to the pumpkin. Finish off the look by attaching the ears on top, dots on the red half, and a red bow at the stem.

Mickey and Minnie make great pumpkins!

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