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On the Road with Sarah is a website dedicated to encouraging wanderlust, offering expert travel advice, and helping families make the most of their travels together.

The Story Behind the Blog

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Over ten years ago, Sarah Gilliland began her personal blog, Sarah in the Suburbs, as a way to connect with other women online who were also new initiates to the world of parenting.

While many things have changed since 2012, one thing that has not changed is Sarah’s love of writing and sharing her knowledge with others.

The year 2020 challenged Sarah to focus on what mattered most to her. She knew a change was needed to serve her audience better and let her expertise shine through. With a renewed focus on creating content solely for travel, On the Road with Sarah was born during the latter half of 2021.

About Sarah

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Sarah Gilliland is the voice behind On the Road with Sarah, and she prides herself on being an expert in family travel. Growing up in a military family, Sarah’s wanderlust tendencies were no surprise to her husband, whom she married in January 2009, as he was just as keen on seeing the world as she was.

Her three children keep her on her toes, but also give her a reason to help others in their quest to make lifelong memories and experiences together. Sarah and her family live in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, and the experiences she has had living in the South have shaped her view of domestic and international travel.

When Sarah is not traveling or working on her website, she is attempting to keep up with social media and entertainment trends or, more often than not, reading the next library book on her Kindle list.

Where Else Can You Find Sarah

Freelance writing continues to be one of Sarah’s pursuits. Check out some of her freelance work below:

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