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School’s out, the kids are driving you crazy, and the weather is no longer cooperating with your plans. What are you going to do? Stay inside, of course! No, not at home. Get out of the house, but keep the kids entertained. I’ll tell you how with my list of the best indoor activities for kids in Birmingham.

Best Indoor Activities for Kids in Birmingham

Do you ever vacation in your hometown? Too often we take where we live for granted. When my girls were smaller, we spent a lot of time exploring the city. They were busy little bees, and Mama needed to keep them entertained! Over the years, Birmingham has grown and changed, and there are so many great places for kids and families to explore! When the weather isn’t cooperating and you need a break from the elements, these are the best indoor activities for kids in Birmingham.

McWane Science Center

First, the McWane Science Center is absolutely one of the best places in Birmingham for families with children (young and old)! It’s probably our family’s favorite spot because there is so much to see and do. A yearly membership, which pays for itself in just 2 visits (free parking is included!), is worth the price, but, for your information, daily admission for adults (13-64) is $13 and children (2-12) is $9. Adults 65+ are $12 and kids under 2 are free. There is an IMAX theater (which we have not yet taken advantage of), so you can increase your ticket price if you also want to take in an educational movie or you can buy a solo IMAX ticket if that’s all you’re interested in too.

Birmingham Museum of Art

Next, the Birmingham Museum of Art is an incredible resource in the city. BMA is one of the hidden gems of Birmingham. The area they have for children seems somewhat small, but it is packed with tons for them to do. Everything in Bart’s Artventure! is hands-on and encourages imaginative play. They usually have a craft related to the current exhibits that is fun and easy to do. Another perk? Admission is free! I always love it when I can save a little here and there.

Let’s Play Birmingham

Located right off Highway 280 in the old Party City building (next to PetSmart and TJMaxx), Let’s Play Birmingham is a fun, interactive, indoor children’s play center. A new location recently opened off of Highway 150 in Hoover as well. Everything in the play center is soft, including the floor, so you don’t have to worry about little ones falling and scraping their knee or busting their chins (we’re experts in chin busting at this house). The smaller area at the front of the play center is meant for smaller children (less than 4 feet tall), and it is full of bright colors and hands-on activities like building blocks and a ball pit. Admission is $10 (plus tax) for children three and over and $6 (plus tax) for children two and under (adults are free).

Indoor Trampoline Parks

Popping up all over the country are amazingly fun indoor play parks. In the Birmingham area, Urban Air (Homewood), Sky Zone (Hoover), Airwalk (Greystone), and Pump It Up (Pelham) all have fun trampoline-style activities for kids of all ages. We favor Sky Zone and Airwalk because those two are closest to our home. Check their websites for their hours, including which ones have special jump times for toddlers.

Vulcan Park and Museum

Finally, I have been living in Birmingham for over five years but had not visited our famous Vulcan statue or his park until late last year. My mom had a work event at the museum, so I had the chance to check out the grounds and the museum inside. While it’s not as kid-friendly as the McWane Science Center, the information and exhibits on the history of Birmingham are fascinating. Older children will appreciate this interactive exhibit that challenges them with caption reading, photography, and independent exploration.

Don’t take your hometown for granted! Birmingham is a rich city full of fun and engaging activities. The indoor activities for kids in Birmingham will be there for you rain or shine (and they’re even a great escape from the heat)!