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Disneybounding is the art of putting together Disney character-inspired looks from everyday pieces you own or from pieces easily found in essential clothing or thrift stores. I’ve heard some call it “closet cosplay,” which is an appropriate term too. No one knows precisely how the Disneybounding trend began, but most passionate Disney fans will give founding credit to Leslie Kay.

Tips for Disneybounding the Easy Way

One does not have to overthink Disneybounding. That is the beauty of this fan-supported trend. It can be as intricate or simple as you or your vacation need it to be. Dressing in a Disneybound fashion means comfort instead of a costume. Hopefully, these tips for Disneybounding the easy way will help you easily plan your looks.

Woman with orange striped shirt standing against a wall.

What is Disneybounding?

Leslie Kay is the face behind DisneyBound. Some may be surprised that Leslie’s only education in fashion comes from a senior fashion class she took when she was only a sophomore. However, fashion has been a hobby of hers since a young age – coming up with the idea of character outfits based on her clothes when she was very young.

Many people ask where her love for Disney comes from. “I’ve always had a passion for the imaginary, magical, and slightly bizarre – so I enjoy getting lost in the world of Disney,” says Kay on her website.

Woman in red, polka dot dress posing with Minnie Mouse.

What to Wear on a Disney Parks Vacation

Dressing for a Disney Parks vacation is unlike any other vacation experience. Comfort is vital, especially in the unpredictable climate of Orlando, Florida. When considering what to wear, most vacationers opt for t-shirts that proudly display their love of Disney.

Woman posing in a Disneybound outfit resembling Ariel.

I encourage you to think outside the t-shirt box and give Disneyboundinga try. Never heard of Disneybound? Afraid it’s too complicated? Keep reading to find out why I think it’s fun and certainly more straightforward than you’d think!

Why Should Someone Try Disneybounding?

How do you show off your Disney fandom? Most people immediately think of cosplay or “costume play,” which is popular at conventions and fan events. Cosplay is the performance art of wearing costumes and accessories to represent a specific character.

According to Disney Parks rules and regulations, however, costumes may not be worn by guests over 14. Bummer!

Disneybound outfit resembling Goofy on a woman standing in front of Epcot

But wait, there’s another way! Disneybounding is the perfect solution to the “no costume” rule.

How to Disneybound

Now that you have decided to try Disneybounding, narrow down the characters you want to represent. Search the internet for inspiration. Over the last several years, many Disney fans have created their Disneybounding looks, so inspiration won’t be challenging.

Woman and man couple Disneybounding as Daisy and Donald Duck.

Once a character has been decided, it’s time to head to your closet. My favorite part of Disneybounding is that no extra spending is often required! This is great if you are trying to exercise a little frugality while preparing for your Disney vacation.

Best Tips for Disneybounding

  • Focus on one particular part of a character to highlight in your look and emphasize that instead of trying to emphasize all of the character’s specifics.
  • Choose solid colors to build the foundation of a Disneybound outfit. The fun comes in when you add whimsical accessories to take a look to the next level.
  • Don’t take a character literally. Trying too hard to be exact with your look will only lead to frustration and disappointment. Keep it simple.
Solid colors make and easy Disneybound outfit as shown by a woman wearning a blue tank top, yellow cardigan, and black shorts.
  • Do think about accessories. Hats, sunglasses, jewelry, headbands, and more can be added to complete a look. Shoes are another way to enhance your look, but keep in mind all the walking required on a Disney vacation!
  • Don’t be afraid to DIY your look! Let your creative side shine while Disneybounding.
  • Do keep in mind the rules by Disney Parks, and don’t dip too far over into costume territory.

After reading my best tips, get out there and Disneybound! Which character are you going to tackle first?