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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a vast property full of amazing theme parks and resorts. How can you choose the right resort for your family? Considering your family’s wants and needs is the first step to making the right choice. Find out what we thought about our stay at the value resort, Disney’s All-Star Music Hotel!

Disney World All-Star Music Hotel Review

Disney World All-Star Music hotel bus stop

Disney World offers three main categories of resorts, value, moderate, and deluxe. Each offers different advantages and disadvantages for families, but for the purposes of this article, I am focusing on a specific value resort, All-Star Music.

All-Star Music Rooms

First, let’s talk about the rooms. Many times I hear families say, “We only need a place to sleep.” As I mature, I realize that statement is a fallacy for our family. When we vacation, as much as we love each other, we definitely need our space.

Disney World All-Star Music hotel Broadway building

At All-Star Music, the beds in the standard rooms are doubles. My husband and I are used to the space of our king bed. At his height of 6’4″ and my height of 5’7″, squeezing us in a double is doable, but not fun for more than one or two nights. Additionally, there is only one bathroom, and it’s very basic. Unless you happen to get a handicap-accessible room, which has a bigger bathroom for obvious reasons, only one person at a time can comfortably fit inside.

Jazz building at Disney World's All-Star Music Resort

The small space makes bathing young children somewhat precarious. On the plus side, the rooms are all well-themed and decorated in bright colors and motifs. Definitely take advantage of the oversized jukeboxes, guitars, and other delightful decor for those Insta-worthy family photos!

All-Star Music Hotel Amenities

As previously stated, the theme of the value resorts is fun and bright. My kids love the oversized decor around the resort and pool areas. The giant statues and colorful buildings definitely make for great photo ops!

The pools are also fun. Yes, I did say pools, plural. The main pool is shaped like a guitar, and it is home to the Three Caballeros-Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito. It’s a large pool, so it never feels overcrowded.

Further in the back of the resort, the Piano Pool, shaped like a grand piano, is smaller. However, it is more easily accessible for guests staying in the buildings near the back of the resort. We stayed in the “Broadway” building, so we probably would have gone to the Piano Pool if we had had more time.

Finally, we did spend some time in the arcade. It’s hard to pass up the fun and games when you’ve got young children with you! For what it’s worth, my husband and I got in on some of the fun (it’s hard for me to say no to a game of skeeball), and we really enjoyed spending time together.

Just make sure you put a limit on your arcade card and when it’s out, it’s out. That will help keep everyone’s expectations in check.

All-Star Music Hotel Food Court

One of my absolute favorite things about vacationing at Disney World is the food. However, most of the value resort food courts are nothing to write home about. They offer you standard fare (with occasional surprises), and they are often overcrowded and not nearly as “Disney clean” as other resorts.

That’s not really the resort’s fault. There are just SO MANY people staying in value resorts these days, it’s hard for the Cast Members to keep up.

Disney's All-Star resort logo

We enjoyed the desserts at the Intermission Food Court the most. If you’re on the Rose Gold or Millennial Pink cupcake tour, don’t forget to check for special cupcakes at the value resorts!

The best thing I ate a Intermissions was their fresh berry and walnut salad served with grilled chicken and a strawberry vinaigrette. I don’t try to purposefully eat healthy on a Disney vacation, but it’s nice to break from burgers and fries every once in a while.

All-Star Music Transportation

Finally, one of the biggest drawbacks to staying in value resorts is transportation. If you’ve driven your car to the resort, you can drive to and park at the parks for free. Yes, free. That’s one perk of staying at a Disney resort.

Whimsical décor outside jazz building at Disney's All-Star Music hotel

Another option is the Disney busses. Their schedule is not as predictable as it is for moderate and deluxe resorts (which means that a 20-minute bus ride might turn into 45 minutes before you know it), and they are often overcrowded. I’ll save my rant for another time, but just picture trying to hang on to your tired kid(s) while standing up in the middle aisle because there are no seats.

Lastly, you now have the option of taking a Minnie Van to the parks from ANY resort on the Disney property. This is AWESOME! It is an extra cost, but we’ve done it a few times on previous trips and it is well worth it. They provide car seats if you need them, and they play Disney Parks music throughout your ride. Everyone has their own seat, and they will adjust the in-vehicle temperature to your liking. That alone makes it worth the extra cost to me.