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What is Disney FastPass+? Over the last few years, this system has seen some changes. Gone are the days of running through the parks at opening to snap up paper tickets from a kiosk. Gone are the days of booking extra experiences at a FastPass+ kiosk too. In the rapidly changing world of technology, Disney FastPass is doing it’s best to keep up. These tips will help you understand exactly what Disney FastPass+ is, how to use it, and how to make it work for your family.

Using a MagicBand to enter Animal Kingdom at the turnstiles.

What is FastPass+?

First, what is FastPass+? Disney FastPass+ is Disney World’s new system for skipping the line at some of its most loved attractions. In years past, these line skipping tools were handed out on paper via a kiosk. Once they ran out of tickets, all the FastPasses were gone for the day. With this new system, technology is king, but it can still sometimes be difficult to get a reservation if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Paper FastPasses are now in the past as FastPass+ makes way for My Disney Experience.

How does FastPass+ Work?

Next, how do these digital passes work? Disney resort guests, and Disney Springs hotel guests, can begin making their FastPass reservations at 7am (6am CST) on the 60th before their check-in date. FastPass reservations can be made for resort guests for the entire length of their stay. Guests with no resort reservation can make their selections 30 days ahead of their first ticketed day. Above all, one must have tickets associated with their My Disney Experience account before FastPass+ selections can be made.

Screen shot from the My Disney Experience app showing how to use FastPass.

Booking Disney FastPass

After understanding the process, in order to book, a guest would simply login to their My Disney Experience account on their “opening” day, choose up to 3 rides per park per day, and complete their reservation. However, it’s become increasingly difficult to snag those coveted reservations, especially for large parties. I’ve read up on a few methods to get the best result for the least amount of headache.

Wait times for Mickey and Tinkerbell at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom Park.

How to Book FastPass+ for Large Groups

Now that My Disney Experience makes more sense, it’s time to get the system to work in your favor. Try these tips for booking FastPass reservations. They are helpful, especially if you have a large party.

  1. Book reservations for ONE person at a time. Yes. You read that right. ONE person.
  2. After you have secured that initial booking, then COPY the reservation to the next person, and so on.
  3. If necessary, adjust the times for each guest’s FastPass+ return so they overlap.

Confused about how the overlapping times work? Let me give you an example of what I mean:

FP+ #1: Return time of 9:55-10:55

FP+ #2: Return time of 10:00-11:00

FP+ #3: Return time of 10:30-11:30

Initially that looks inconvenient because your child may be reservation #1 and you’re reservation #3 and your return time isn’t until 10:30. However, if everyone in your party waits until 10:30, you can all go in together! “But, Sarah,” you might say, “what if our breakfast dining experience ran late and we’re behind?” Have no fear! You can go in as a group of 3 as late as 10:55! Your family’s return time window, as a group, is 10:30-10:55. Magical, isn’t it?

Toy Story Midway Mania old entrance with FastPass return and wait times.

My husband and I made in-park adjustments to our FastPass+ reservations through the app while on our last vacation. Additionally, if you are attempting this process for the first time before your trip, I would recommend sitting down at a computer instead of going through the My Disney Experience app.

Find Fun in the Wait

Finally, always remember that you do have an entire hour to use that reservation time! Make the most of it, and don’t sweat it if you can’t get that coveted Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land or Flight of Passage reservation in Pandora. In any case, waiting in line is not so bad if you try to find the fun in the situation. The stand-by sign does not always accurately reflect the wait time either.

Sisters playing the PLAY Disney Parks app while waiting in line.

One of our favorite ways to pass time in line is with the brand new PLAY Disney Parks app. It has trivia, interactive games, and it sometimes interacts with different things in the queue at certain rides. It’s a lot of fun and makes waiting go by quickly!

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Have you tried this FP+ reservation trick yet? Do you have other reservation tips you could share?