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We’ve come a long way since bag boys and doorstep deliveries were the norm. In some parts of our great country, you can still find bag boys at the grocery stores, and, believe it or not, doorstep delivery is making a comeback. While I don’t use a delivery service (yet), I have begun using the life changing service known as Walmart Grocery Pick Up. Is it worth your time? Does it save you money? How exactly does it work? I answer all that and more in this post, so keep reading to find out how to use Walmart Grocery Pick Up!

How to Use Walmart Grocery Pick Up

First, you need to download the Walmart Grocery Pick Up app. It’s orange, not blue. The blue Walmart app is for ordering other items and “site to store” pick up.Walmart Grocery Pick Up AppAfter downloading the app, login with your profile or create one if you do not already have one. You will need a credit/debit card in order to take full advantage of the Walmart Grocery Pick Up app.

Set a Pick Up Time

My first helpful hint is to set your pick up time. I have ordered my groceries in the morning and picked them up later in the afternoon on the same day, but I wouldn’t advise that. I always feel rushed when I do it.Walmart Grocery App ScreenshotSetting a time allows you to add items to your cart at your own pace. Yes, it does say the time “will expire” after a few hours, but I have found that starting to fill my cart early helps me. I don’t feel rushed to finish my list in one sitting, and the time slot usually stays open at least 12 hours in advance.Screenshot from Walmart AppFor example, my usual pick up day is Friday morning. I start adding things to my cart on Monday with a goal of “checking out” by Thursday afternoon.

Sarah’s Tip: The app gives you about 3 hours to load up your cart and checkout. I recommend checking out at least 12 hours before you plan to pick up to ensure that time slot is still available.

Add Grocery Items

One of the features I love on the app is the ability to have items suggested to me. I purchase a lot of the same grocery items every week, and having them conveniently on the front page helps my cart fill up faster.

I also utilize the search function located at the bottom of the app. Sometimes I can’t remember a brand or product name, but I can get close enough that the app usually finds it for me.

Sarah’s Tip: Pay attention to the size of items. The photos make look similar, but the items may differ greatly in terms of weight and/or amount!

Check Out

Finally, it’s time to check out! At the end of the process, you’ll have the ability to provide your phone number for text updates (I recommend this if your phone plan is compatible) and decide what items you are comfortable with being substituted if necessary.

The employees who work specifically with Walmart Grocery Pick Up do their very best to get everything on your list, but sometimes they can’t. If you’re not picky about your brand of peanut butter, leave the check mark on that item so it can be substituted. If you can’t live without Colgate toothpaste, make sure you uncheck the substitute mark on that item. This lets the grocery picker know that if they don’t have your item, you’re not ok with anything else.

Sarah’s Tip: Choose the smallest sized items you can for each grocery item. If Walmart is out of your favorite 12 ounce jar of peanut butter, they will give you the 24 ounce jar for the same price as the 12 ounce jar!

Head Out to the Grocery Pick Up

Now it’s time to actually, physically pick up your items. What happens now? This part may be different depending on your location and your Walmart. My Walmart has a designated spot for grocery pick up.The signs and drive up spot are easily seen because they are marked with orange paint and large “Pick Up” signs.Walmart Grocery Pick Up SignageUpon arrival, I enter my first and last name, confirm my grocery order, and proceed to the waiting area.Walmart Grocery Pick Up ScreenEven on busy days (i.e., the weekends usually), I’ve never waited more than 10-15 minutes for the entire process. I open my trunk, they tell me if anything has been substituted, load in my items, and I sign off that I received my order and drive away!Walmart Grocery Pick Up Kiosk

Pros and Cons to Grocery Pick Up

Walmart and I have a love/hate relationship. Their prices are usually unbeatable, but I hate going into the store. I get distracted by all the things (can I get a witness, yall?) and usually end up blowing my budget because I add things to my cart that I don’t really need.

Such is the crux of the relationship.

However, with Walmart Grocery Pick Up being in my life for the last several months, I’ve been able to get control of our grocery spending and really be savvy with my shopping.

In addition to saving my family significant money on our grocery spending, I rarely have to step foot in the store any more. That’s a big win for someone like me who easily gets distracted by the beauty section that’s parked right next to grocery!

Sarah’s Tip: The minimum grocery order is $30. Pick up is free, but you do have to get out and go to the store.

Is Walmart Grocery Pick Up Worth It?

While not a perfect system, Walmart Grocery Pick Up is absolutely, 100% worth it to me. I have had a handful of not-so-great experiences with it (forgotten items, broken items, etc), but they have always rectified the situation.What is Walmart Grocery Pick Up? How does it work? I answer all that and more in my informative post! I've got all the details on how to make this amazing service work for you! #walmart #walmartgrocery #grocerypickup #free #freeservices #walmartgrocerypickup #freepickup #savemoney #livebetter #groceryshopping #shoppingtips

Walmart is smart to do their grocery system this way. They know that (usually) moms are the ones handling this part of the family needs and budget, and in 2018, time is valuable to us! We’ve got jobs to attend, kids to pick up in carpool, soccer practice to get to, and Walmart knows that keeping us as customers must go hand in hand with making our lives a little more convenient.

For the small number of times I’ve had issues, the convenience of saving my family time and money makes Walmart Grocery Pick Up a win for me.


  • Faith says:

    Have you ever talked to the workers who have to manage those huge heavy pick carts in the store? Do they like their job over being a cashier or stocker before being demoted to this or scan and go? I have!! Do you tip them when they have fought through the aisles of shoppers, who can’t seem to get around to get their own groceries like me. Call me old school but this isnt a good deal for workers, other shoppers…just savings for the big box corporation. I vote going to my local smaller store, where they still have two at the register, a cashier and a bagger using paper bags.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks for your opinion! I’ve actually spoken to the manager of our Grocery Pick Up, and it’s not a demotion for them. They actually have to be approved for the work, and they consider it a step up from being a cashier or stock person. It’s not saving Walmart money, really. It is, however, saving me lots of money. I do wish we could do more about resuable bags though. I’ll agree with you on that front. But to spend more just to shop at a smaller, costlier store? Nope. No thanks.

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