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Must-Have Products for Parents of Twins

This post has been a long time coming. I get asked quite frequently about what a new mom of twins “really” needs, and I finally decided I better just sit down and write this thing so I can direct people here instead of typing out a marathon page of answers on Facebook. Luckily, I’ve also found some fellow twin moms through my blogging journey who also wanted to give their two cents, so you’ll get to hear from a variety of us! Must-Have Products for Parents of TwinsNot all of us breastfed or participate in attachment parenting or think the only way to go is disposables. Yes, twins are a different kind of child-rearing, but it’s still not a one size fits all kind of experience. Without any further adieu, these are some of the “must-have” products for parents of twins.

Eghe Lenze from Becoming Family suggests:

  • Swaddle blankets
  • Pack ‘n Play
  • Breast Pump

Lisa Collins from Mom on the Side suggests:

Kimberly Gillespe from Things I Thought I’d Never  suggests:

Natasha Nicholes from House Full of Nicholes suggests:

  • Any type of mei-tei or soft structured carrier
  • A diaper bag large enough for 2 kids, but not 2 diaper bags!

Sarah from Sarah in the Suburbs suggests:

What You Should Buy Multiples Of

It almost goes without saying, but another high priority on your list that all new moms and dads can agree on are diapers and wipes. Whether you go the cloth route or the disposable route, you can never have too many of them (especially with 2 bottoms to cover at once!).

My family chose to go the disposable route, and we went through lots of different phases. When the girls were newborns, we wore a lot of Pampers, but when they began to get more mobile, we switched to Huggies.

As they grew and their legs changed shape, we went back to Pampers, then store brands for a brief blip, and then back to Huggies again for the final year of diapering whilst attempting to potty train (oy vey, that is an entire post in and of itself that I’ll conquer for you one day).

Basically, don’t turn down anyone’s offer to buy you diapers at any point in the first 3 years with twins. If for some odd reason you are blessed with an overabundance (and I don’t see how considering the amount you’ll go through), find a new twin mom in your area to pass them on to. She will be forever in your debt, I promise. Parents of twins need to know what to buy, and this list was written by twin parents for twin parents! Don't make a registry without using this list! #twins #parenting #babyregistry #musthavesfortwins #twinpregnancy #twinnursery #twinbabyshowerEven if you aren’t a mom to twins, you probably have a list of your own “must-haves” for new parents. I’d love for you to share them here or connect with me on Facebook and Twitter and share your knowledge!

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  • Jennifer Lee says:

    Not a mom of twins but my 1 year old definitely keeps me on my toes. Bravo to all moms of multiples! Some things that helped us were a video monitor, Shakira First Steps Collection Musical Friends Bouncer, Fisher Price Jungle Jumperoo and Lillebaby carrier if your child doesn’t like the Ergobaby like my son. He has chunky legs. LOL

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