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When considering where to dine at Walt Disney World, a lot of it comes down to a matter of personal taste. However, there are some Disney World restaurants that just don’t stack up against the rest. Narrow down your dining options with this list of restaurants you can skip at Disney World.

Disney World Dining Choices

Unlike other Disney parks around the world, Walt Disney World has an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to dining. From sit-down restaurants to fast-casual eateries to snack carts and more, guests will not go hungry on their Disney vacation.

But how do you know which restaurants are worth it? And how do you know which restaurants you can skip at Disney World? My list is definitely an opinionated one, but it’s based on personal experience and expert advice from fellow seasoned parkgoers.

Skippable Restaurants at Disney World

While you consider where you might spend your meal times during your Walt Disney World vacation, consider skipping these locations in favor of something more charming, better tasting, or just less expensive.

Jungle Navigation Co. Limited Skipper Canteen

It feels wrong to hate one of the few table service restaurants in Magic Kingdom, but this one deserves it. The theming is great, especially if you’re a big fan of the Jungle Cruise attraction. My family just wasn’t impressed with the food.

If you’re wanting a new experience, this would be a fine choice. However, if you’re in it for the food, skip this Disney restaurant.

Inside Skipper Canteen restaurant at Magic Kingdom

Sunshine Seasons

Next, you can definitely skip Sunshine Seasons quick service restaurant at Epcot. This restaurant is in The Land pavilion, right in the middle. Sunshine Seasons has recently had a menu overhaul, but I still wasn’t impressed the last time we ate there.

If you’re looking for a healthy dining option, there are definitely interesting choices on the menu, but with so many more options around the World Showcase, this restaurant is a pass for me.

Diamond Horseshoe

Additionally, the Diamond Horseshoe may be worth it if you are really into the atmosphere, but this may be the weakest food option in the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe and Columbia Harbor House are two of the best quick service locations in Disney World, let alone Magic Kingdom. Liberty Tree Tavern offers better food for the price.

Rainforest Café

I never understood Rainforest Cafes at Disney resorts. They are fun, but the theming is so inferior to anything Disney does, and the food is just average.

Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom isn't worth the price tag.

Its two locations (TWO?!) are at Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom where they are surrounded by superior dining options.

Le Cellier

Le Cellier is a good signature restaurant in the Canada Pavilion, so this opinion may cause controversy. However, it is a little cramped, dark, and loud. Some may find that fine, and that’s okay.

Le Cellier Steakhouse at Epcot is a restaurant you can skip at Disney World

The food is really good too. The problem is that this is a steakhouse, and there is a better steak just outside the park at Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht Club.

There is also better steak in Disney World restaurants like The Boathouse at Disney Springs. You can skip this in favor of other types of dining while in Epcot, especially if you are on the dining plan. Le Cellier uses two meal credits from the Disney Dining Plan, and those credits are better spent elsewhere.

Chicken Guy (Disney Springs)

Last, but not least, sorry Guy Fieri, the Disney Springs Chicken Guy restaurant is just not worth it. My family has dined there twice. Our first experience was during a busy time, so we wiped that memory from our minds and tried again.

It wasn’t any better the second time around. Honestly, if you need 75 kinds of sauces to make your chicken “good.” it’s not good. Lots of folks rave about this place. but they always focus on the sauce, which is a red flag for me.