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Toy Story Land is now open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! From its opening day, the new land has been a hub of fun an excitement. As with all new things at Disney World, Toy Story Land has no shortage of fun, new merchandise! What should you buy? Where should you buy it? I am to answer these Toy Story Land merchandise questions and more!Little Green Men Plush toys at Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land Merchandise in Disney World

It wouldn’t be a new Disney World land without new merchandise, right? There is no denying the incredibly cute toys the Toy Story franchise has already given us, but what else is there to buy? Is there anything for adults? Yes! It’s going to be difficult to pair down your purchases, I guarantee it!Toy Story Land merchandise in Disney World can be found at Beverly Sunset.

Where to Buy Souvenirs in Toy Story Land

First, let’s talk about the fact that in Toy Story Land there is no “exit through the gift shop” experience. You know what I mean, right? In every theme park, all over the country, most rides have a gift shop at their exit. If not to purchase souvenirs, they want you to buy a snack or a drink or those awful ride pictures everyone seems to have now (I kid, they are fun, but sometimes they are just really, really bad).Coffee Mugs in Toy Story LandNot so in Toy Story Land! A gift shop doesn’t fit with the theme of being in Andy’s backyard.

Toy Story Land Merchandise Carts

Instead, they have these fun, old school Playmobil camper with merchandise galore! Pins, shirts, cups, and more.Merchandise carts in Toy Story LandIf you’ve never tried a “Mickey ears” headband, give the Slinky Dog “ears” a try. They are very soft, and much more comfortable than the traditional ear headbands everyone loves to Instagram!

Beverly Sunset

In addition to the two campers, check out the newly opened Beverly Sunset on Sunset Boulevard (formerly Sweet Spells, RIP to that fan favorite villains-only shop). Their shopping selecting is somewhat different from the carts, but not much. In here you’ll find pins, t-shirts, cups, slinky dog “ears,” glow necklaces, hats, and more! Additionally, check out Mickey’s of Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard, and In Character in the Animation Courtyard for a smaller offering of souvenirs.

What Souvenirs to Buy in Toy Story Land

Now it’s time to talk about the good stuff! What can you buy in Toy Story Land? Hilariously enough, after our visit to Disneyland in July, I saw a lot of the same merchandise in both Pixar Pier and Toy Story Land (just with the name changed around). Smart merchandising on Disney’s part!

Plush Toys

A variety of plush toys are available including the Little Green Men (aka “Aliens”), Buzz, Woody, Lotso, and Bullseye. If you can’t find these items specifically in Toy Story Land, they’re definitely available in other places in Hollywood Studios (and also in larger stores like Mouse Gears in Epcot or World of Disney in Disney Springs).


I’m not a huge pin collector, but my girls have recently gotten into pin trading. We loved the “Opening Day” pin we received as part of our media event privileges, but there are also other awesome pins featuring fan favorite characters and phrases. There are even pins dedicated to the new rides, Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers!Toy Story Land pins

Light Up Toys

Necklaces, headbands, cups, and more offer guests the change to light up their nighttime fun in Toy Story Land. My personal favorite light up souvenir has been the Little Green Men light up cup. I love using it at home to remind myself of all the fun we had this summer!Light up toys in Toy Story Land


Unfortunately, I did not see any special “opening day” shirts or hats for Toy Story Land. Again, smart merchandising on Disney’s part to save themselves some money, the shirts offered are new designs, but the phrasing just says “Opening Summer 2018.” However, the baseball style hats and child sized backpacks are adorable¬†and absolutely make up for the lack of “special” items normally offered during a grand opening. The newest “ears” being offered are the Slinky Dog style and light up Little Green Men.


Finally, and probably most obviously, there are actual toys available for purchase too. As always, Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Rex, and others are available for purchase, but my favorite new items are the small ride vehicle toys! The Slinky Dog Dash coaster actually pulls back and shoots forward, just like the real coaster! The Alien Swirling Saucers twist and turn like the ride, and they are perfect for little LEGO people to ride in.

Save Money on Souvenirs

Lastly, I did want to mention ways to save on these fabulous Toy Story Land souvenirs. Annual Passholders can always receive up to 20% off select merchandising. Disney Visa Cardholders can save up to 10% on their purchases, but you must ask! Sometimes, I forget to ask, and they don’t always mention it to me, so make sure you ask about it. Where can you buy Toy Story Land merchandise? More importantly, what can you buy? We answer all that and more in this comprehensive guide to Toy Story Land souvenirs! #toystoryland #disneymerchandise #disneytoys #disneyshopping #disneysouvenirs #familytravel #disneytravel #disneytipsAdditionally, if you’re not dying to have something in particular, you could always wait and see if it ends up at a Disney Store Outlet or the Character Warehouse in the Orlando Outlet Malls.