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Disney’s Pandora-The World of Avatar opened early summer 2017, and it is still proving to be immensely popular. Is it worth a visit? My family sure thought so! A completely immersive experience, Pandora-The World of Avatar will engage and excite guest of all ages. Find out where it is located, what to do, and what to eat as you plan your next visit. These are the best tips for visiting Disney’s Pandora.

Best Tips for Visiting Disney’s Pandora

Pandora is a brand new world located in the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Being a fan of the film franchise matters not, as the world itself is explained to you as you go. To get there, cross the bridge toward the Tree of Life, hang a left after the gift shop and before Pizzafari, and you’re there.

Plan your next visit to Walt Disney World with my helpful tips. Navigate the new world of Disney's Pandora with ease. See what you should do, where to eat, and how long you'll spend exploring this new world.

Once you’re actually in Pandora, you won’t be able to see other areas of the Animal Kingdom. This is purposeful, and it adds depth and wonder to an already incredible new land.

The Rides in Pandora

First and foremost on everyone’s mind are the rides. There are currently two rides available to experience in Pandora. I would highly suggest using a FastPass on at least one of the. Which ride to FastPass will be completely up to you. Flight of Passage is an incredible experience, but I’ve also heard the queue is a lot of fun.

Plan your next visit to Walt Disney World with my helpful tips. Navigate the new world of Disney's Pandora with ease. See what you should do, where to eat, and how long you'll spend exploring this new world.

It often has the longest wait times of the two rides, so consider that when planning you day. Na’vi River Journey is a gorgeous, slow boat ride through the world of the Na’vi. It’s over so quickly, though, you may be irritated you waited so long!

The Food

Next, I have to talk about the food. I cannot say enough good things about the Satu’li Canteen. Personally, I never found much in Animal Kingdom to be to my liking in regards to food (save Yak and Yeti in the Asia section). Satu’li Canteen brings its A-game and delivers.

Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The ability to combine so many different options is fantastic, and it ensures everyone will get something they want. Caroline was brave enough to try the weird looking cheeseburger pods, and she actually liked them! I recommend the wood grilled, chopped chicken bowl with a rice base and the creamy herb sauce.

Pandora Entertainment

Even though there are only two rides in Pandora, there is actually quite a bit to see and do. Take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and put that Memory Maker to use. Open up your My Disney Experience app and you might find a surprise game awaiting your play.

Disney's Pandora

Listen for the beat of the drums and watch the short “Na’vi Drum Ceremony” performed by a trio of local musicians. Above all, make sure you come back in the evening because Pandora will look completely different at night.

The Souvenirs

We missed out on being able to get our own Banshee this last trip as they were completely sold out. If you see one on your next visit, grab it! They are great souvenirs that will be more than just a plush toy collecting dust on a shelf. My kids were definitely a little disappointed they couldn’t get one.

However, Caroline found a Na’vi spear with a light-up interior that looked awesome after the sun went down. Windtraders, the gift shop in Pandora, also has shirt, mugs, jewelry, pins, toys, and more. Another option is to create your own Avatar lookalike! A personalized souvenir is a great reminder of a fun trip.

Bonus Tips

Finally, there are so many extra little tidbits I could share that wouldn’t make sense in a random paragraph, I decided to list them here:

  • Take advantage of Early Theme Park Entry if you are staying on property and Rider Swap. Those two things could significantly reduce your wait time for rides.
  • Order your food online. Disney is slowly rolling out online ordering for many of it’s quick service restaurants. Satu’li Canteen is one of them. This would keep you from standing in yet another line during your visit.
  • Wilderness Explorers! There is a new stop dedicated to Wilderness Explorers in Pandora. We almost missed it, so keep an eye out for it!

Above all, exercise patience for your fellow man (and Cast Members). This area was just over a month “old” when we visited, and it was definitely very crowded and busy. Realize you may not be able to “do it all,” and set those expectations accordingly. Have you been to Disney’s Pandora yet? What are you most looking forward to doing once you get there?