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Main Street, U.S.A, Cinderella Castle, the Tree of Life…these are just a few of the iconic spots for photos in Walt Disney World. However, if you’re into social media, you might know, or at least have heard, about a trend of finding off-the-beaten path places for photos known at Instagram Walls.

Blueberry Wall in Epcot

For the last few years, “Instagram Walls” have gained in popularity as photo spots. Some even have their own Instagram accounts! So how do you know where to find the Instagram Walls at Disney World? Well, I’ll tell you!

Where are the Instagram Walls at Disney World

First, what classifies as an “Instagram Wall?” There are some well established wall spaces that even Disney marketing and merchandising has caught on to, but others are a little more obscure.

Sarah in front of the Epcot Bubblegum Wall, and Instagram Wall in Disney World

One of the best ways to determine a wall’s popularity is to check Instagram. Many of the walls have their own accounts or hashtags. I’ve broken this list down by park, and I will strive to update it as new ones are made known to me.

Magic Kingdom Instagram Walls

Even though Magic Kingdom is the most popular park, it has the least amount of “Instagram Walls.” Here’s where you can find a few of them.

Purple Wall (or Galactic Purple Wall)

The one that started it all: the Purple Wall in the Magic Kingdom. You can find this wall on the walkway between the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant and Tomorrowland.

Sarah standing in front of the Purple Wall at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

It is the wall for the “Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor” building. Last year, the purple wall got a halfway makeover that turned part of the wall into a more “space age” looking design. The other half is still a solid purple.

Tangled Wall

Tangles Restrooms have a beautifully painted wall.

Next up is the Tangled Wall right outside the Tangled restroom area. Not as popular as they Purple Wall, but a good photo spot nonetheless.

Neverland Wall

Peter Pan Wall in Magic Kingdom

Again, not nearly as popular as the Purple Wall, the Neverland Wall is located to the side of the entrance to “Peter Pan’s Flight.” Peter Pan does Meet and Greets here, but when he isn’t there, this wall is open to photos!

Epcot Instagram Walls in Disney World

By far, the most popular park for Instagram Walls is Epcot. There are at least seven popular photo spots that I know of, and there might actually be even more than that!

Bubblegum Wall

Where is the Bubblegum Wall? Find this Instagram wall outside of Spaceship Earth in Epcot.

So iconic, Disney merchandising has made ears that compliment it! The Bubblegum Wall is located right outside of the “Spaceship Earth” ride. When you exit the building, on either side, you’ll see the familiar pink, blue/purple, and maroon coloring on the wall.

Blueberry Wall

Sarah sitting in front of the popular Blueberry Wall at Epcot with a blue shirt, colorful leggings, and a pink Minnie hat.

Also on the exit of the Spaceship Earth attraction is the Blueberry Wall. The Blueberry Wall is in the same location as the Bubblegum Wall. It will be easy to get a photo with this wall and the Bubblegum Wall at the same time, provided not many people are exiting Spaceship Earth at the time!

Toothpaste Wall (or Big Blue Wall)

The bright colors of the Toothpaste Wall make it a perfect Instagram spot.

After visiting Spaceship Earth, hop over to the Land section and find the Toothpaste Wall. Located to the right of “The Seas with Nemo and Friends,” keep walking down the pathway toward the Coral Reef restaurant. The Toothpaste Wall, or Big Blue Wall, is the first wall you see  before entering the restaurant.

The Land Wall

Where is The Land wall? It is in The Land Pavilion in Epcot.

Beautiful tile work lines the walls on both sides of the entrance to The Land pavilion. This area holds “Soarin’,” Sunshine Seasons restaurant, “Living with the Land,” Garden Grill restaurant, and the “Circle of Life” show.

Any stretch of the wall will do for your photo! You can’t go wrong here because the entire space is stunning and full of color.

Guardians Wall

Known on Instagram as the “Guardians of the Epcot” Wall, this temporary photo spot also provides several options.

The Guardians of the Epcot Wall is temporary, but it makes for great Instagram photos.

It’s a gorgeous way to get everyone excited for the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” attraction that is set to open in 2021! You can find this area to the left of “Mission Space” in the previous “Ellen’s Universe of Energy” attraction space.

Rose Gold Wall

Discovered a little late in the rose gold craze, this wall is right outside of the “Mission Space” ride. It goes perfectly with those rose gold ears and that rose gold spirit jersey!

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Morocco Fountain Walls

Finally, head back into the Morocco Pavilion of the World Showcase and discover the Morocco Fountain Walls.

Sarah sitting in front of the Morocco Fountain wall in a blue shirt and colorful leggings.

There is not a ride in Morocco, so I’ve been guilty of overlooking this area before. It really is quite beautiful (like the mosaic tile walls of The Land)!

Hollywood Studios Instagram Walls

Next, hop on the monorail or take a boat to Hollywood Studios. Toy Story Land provided us with several great new walls last year, but there are also others that are just as fun!

Popsicle Stick Wall

One of the most popular walls in Toy Story Land, you can find the Popsicle Stick Wall at the exit of “Toy Story Midway Mania.’

Popsicle Stick Wall in Toy Story Land

Checkerboard Wall

Also at the exit of “Toy Story Midway Mania” is the Checkerboard Wall. It’s directly across from the Popsicle Stick Wall.

Checkerboard wall at Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios

The colors are not as exciting for this wall, but it’s still a fun photo nonetheless.

Toy Story Land Block Wall

TSL Block Wall is right outside the restrooms.

Toy Story Land Block Wall was the first Toy Story Land wall to appear on Instagram, and for good reason. It is bright, cheerful, and located right outside the restrooms across from “Alien Swirling Saucers.” You can’t miss it!

PizzeRizzo Wall

PizzeRizzo in Hollywood Studios

New to me is the PizzeRizzo Wall. We ate at this newly revamped restaurant last year at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (RIP Pizza Planet), but I didn’t realize there was a wall photo spot outside of it until recently. It’s not nearly as popular as the Toy Story Land walls, but it still gets some love on Instagram.

Muppet Wall

Another new to me wall is the Muppet Wall. I haven’t even seen this one in person yet! Apparently, it’s on the backside of the Muppetvision 3D Theater. Look for the paint splatters and you’ll find it!

Animal Kingdom Instagram Walls in Disney World

Last, but certainly not least, don’t leave out Animal Kingdom! The walls in this park are some of my favorites!

Pandora Moss Wall

Pandora Moss Wall

Located in, you guessed it, Pandora, this wall sits between the “Flight of Passage” ride and the Windtraders shop. It’s green, for the most part, so don’t miss it! Lots of greenery around the area makes it not as easy to spot as some of the other walls.

Fichwa Fellow Wall

Find the Fichwa Fellow Wall in the Harambe Market.

Right outside the Harambe Market in the Africa section is the Fichwa Fellow Wall.It’s easy to spot because of the iconic Mickey Mouse drawing.

You Are Most Beautiful Wall

Rounding out our list is the You Are Most Beautiful Wall. It is also located in the Harambe Village in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom.

Instagram Wall in Disney World known at You Are Most Beautiful can be found in Animal Kingdom.

It’s kind of hidden in a corner, so keep looking if you don’t find it the first time!

Why Instagram Walls?

Ok, so I bet you’re wondering why? Why should I be looking for these walls? What’s the big deal with them anyway? Well, for starters, they lighting in most of these spots is insanely good. Obviously, if you hit them early in the morning or too late in the evening, the light won’t be good. For the most part, the lighting and wall colors play nicely together for some great photos.

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Secondly, it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt for adults. I have loved looking for these “famous” spots on my last few Disney World trips. Finally, if you are a blogger or work in the social media area, it is good practice to know what’s trending and why.

These Instagram Walls started to gain momentum a few years ago, and I don’t see them stopping anytime soon! In fact, Disney has caught on to this trend and is selling merchandise and participating in the fun as well. If the Mouse approves, so do I!