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Traveling to a Disney Park is a celebration in and of itself. Occasionally, traveling to a Disney Park coincides with a special event celebration. What can you do to make the celebration even more special? Check out these easy tips for taking it up a notch as you celebrate on a Disney vacation!

Balloons on Main Street in Disney World

How to Celebrate on a Disney Vacation

My family visits Disney World several times a year, and we try to make it to Disneyland at least once a year if we can manage. While we always come back with special memories, we sometimes plan our visits around an upcoming celebration.

Celebrate at Disney for any special occasion.

Anything can be celebrated on a Disney vacation! From birthdays and anniversaries to engagements and family reunions, there are no wrong ways to celebrate at Disney Parks.

In-Room Celebrations

Before you travel, consider looking into Disney’s In-Room Celebrations. In-Room Celebrations will allow for decorations and gifts to be waiting on you when you arrive at your room.

You can personalize your celebrations – from a specific theme to items included in your “celebration” gift. It can be tailor-made, especially for your loved one. You can’t go wrong with In-Room Celebrations from Frozen to Pirates to Classic Minnie and Mickey.

FREE Celebration Buttons

When you arrive, your Disney Resort will start you off on a great foot. Celebration buttons are available for pickup when you check in.

Celebrate a first visit with a free button!

Make sure to pack various colors of Sharpies to write and decorate the buttons. Personalize it with whatever event you may be there to celebrate!

Celebrate with Matching Shirts

Feeling crafty? Consider making shirts or other apparel for your family before your trip. What if you aren’t very crafty? No worries!

DIY shirts are a fun way to celebrate a Disney vacation. has several customizable shirts for your family to choose from. Options for holidays, cruises, Adventures by Disney and so much more! Matching clothing is a fun way to celebrate on a Disney vacation.

Splurge on Dining Reservations

Table service restaurants are pricier than quick service restaurants at Disney Parks. However, if a celebration is in order, it just might be worth the splurge! Consider the type of celebration and then choose the restaurant.

A birthday might warrant a character meal, while an anniversary celebration would be best celebrated somewhere like Victoria and Albert’s or California Grill.

Dining at California Grill can be a nice splurge to celebrate any occasion.

Making a special celebration extra magical while at Disney Parks is pretty straightforward. The magic pours out of everything while on Disney property, but there are ways to make it more memorable.

With a little bit of planning, your special someone will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate their special occasion.