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Finding fun, unique activities for kids that won’t cost you an arm and a leg is not an easy task these days. I was invited to a media preview of Jurassic Quest in Birmingham, Alabama. I also ended up taking my kids on my own dime. Read on to find out if it’s worth the cost to attend this experience in my Jurassic Quest review.

What is Jurassic Quest?

First of all, you may be wondering what on earth Jurassic Quest is. It is, at its core, an interactive exhibit for dinosaur fans of all ages. Jurassic Quest features animatronic dinosaurs, ridable dinosaurs, a fossil dig, and more.

A secondary exhibit called Ancient Oceans is part of your admission ticket. It features animatronic sea creatures which are now extinct.

How Much Does it Cost Visit?

Next, let’s talk about ticket prices. Children under 2 are free. Basic admission begins at $19 per ticket and goes up from there. Discounted tickets are available for seniors (aged 65+), military, first responders, police officers, and medical personnel.

What is included in admission? Entrance to the two animatronic exhibits, Jurassic Quest and Ancient Oceans. Everything else requires an activity ticket ($6 per activity) or an “unlimited rides” ticket upgrade for $15.

Personally, my 2 year old was a little too timid to ride the dinosaurs, but it was worth it to upgrade his ticket because he wanted to do all the other activities.

What Can You Do at Jurassic Quest?

Unlike the drive-thru experience, the indoor event has multiple activities. My kids particularly enjoyed the Fossil Dig, inflatables, and Dino Crafts. My son also loved the Tricera-Tots play area, which is specifically for children under the age of 3.

Additionally, there is a Raptor Training Experience that allows visitors to get up close photos with a “real” raptor (which is actually a costumed actor, but the kids loved it anyway). There is also an opportunity to hear from a fossil expert and view real dinosaur bones and fossils.

How Long Should You Spend at Jurassic Quest?

After the media preview, I was asked a few times how long should a family expect to spend at the event. My opinion is that it really depends on your party’s size and age range. School aged children who have a passion for dinosaurs will enjoy everything Jurassic Quest offers. However, my two year old son was finished with his visit after only one hour.

Tickets for the event are “timed entry” tickets. This process allow visitors to enter in waves instead of all at once to help with crowd control. However, once you enter Jurassic Quest, you can stay as long as you like.

Is Jurassic Quest Worth the Price of Tickets?

Finally, let’s talk about Jurassic Quest being “worth it.” I get this question a lot when it comes to spending money on just about any kind of travel or experience. If Jurassic Quest is something you kid(s) would love, I definitely think it’s worth the cost.

Although I have not experienced the drive-thru version of this event, the indoor version had a lot of positives. Indoor events are climate controlled, and we were able to take our time with each activity. Restrooms were also nearby for anyone that needed them.

My only caveat would be to consider your child’s temperament. If you don’t think they will be brave enough to ride the dinosaurs or climb in an inflatable, consider saving some cash by buying individual activity tickets on site.

Where to Visit the Exhibit

Finally, let’s discuss where you can visit the exhibit. Jurassic Quest is a traveling event. It moves around the US from city to city on a regular basis. My family saw it in Birmingham on September 24-26. It will be in Montgomery, AL from October 1-3.

Check the Jurassic Quest website for the most updated location information. The website also includes whether each location is an indoor or drive-thru experience.