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Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year! The weather is sunny, the kids are out of school, and everyone’s ready for an adventure! Have fun with your family this summer by using this free printable summer bucket list. Let everyone have a turn sharing what they want to do this summer!

Printable summer bucket list.

Printable Summer Bucket List

Did you ever make bucket lists as a kid? I can’t remember if I did, but I’m sure it would have said silly things like “Stay up all night!” or “Eat ice cream for dinner!” I think letting kids tell you what they think or want to do in life is kinda fun sometimes. Every now and then, you’ll get an insightful look into their minds, but it’s mostly downright silly and fun (especially when they look back at their younger selves as teens)!

What is a “Bucket List?”

First of all, if you’ve never made a bucket list before, you may be wondering what on earth it is. A bucket list is very simple. It is a list of things you want to accomplish in a certain amount of time. I made a bucket list for myself 2 years ago on my 30th birthday of things I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 40. I’ve got a few years left to work on that list, but it’s been fun crossing things off as I go!

Using a telescope to see the sights of Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain.

My Summer Bucket List

As an adult, my summer bucket list looks a lot different from my kids’ lists. I have things on mine like “Sleep past 7am”, “Read a new book,” and “Go to the beach more than once.” It’s always so interesting to look at what matter to me most now (like sleeping in) versus what mattered to me as a kid (eating ice cream for dinner). What would you put on your summer bucket list?

Young girl with curly hair writing our her summer bucket list of activities.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

As much as I want to dictate the kids’ lists, it’s fun to let them choose their own ideas. I love seeing what’s really important to them in the long run. If you’ve got young children or kids who need some help coming up with ideas, I’ve got two options for printable for you.

Two girls splashing in the beach at Gulf State Park while their grandpa looks on.

Click here for a blank printable to let your kids fill out their own list.

Click here for a pre-filled printable and let your little ones put stickers or stars by their favorite activities for the summer. Scroll down to find the pre-filled printable on page 2.

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