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Thanks to my friend Mandee for sharing about her son’s awesome party!

Who wants to party with Woody, Buzz, and all their Toy Story friends?  My toddler is obsessed with many typical kid things these days. While planning his party, I thought about things like a puppy theme or truck theme.  He would have loved either of those.

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But then something happened.  Toy Story was on TV one night.  My little boy hadn’t ever paid much attention to television, but that all changed when my husband came across an early scene of the original Toy Story movie.  He stopped and stared.  He was immediately in love with one of my favorites and I knew what I had to do. These are the some of my favorite Toy Story birthday party decoration ideas.

Toy Story Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

He was about to be 2…what better way to celebrate than a TWO Story birthday? Thoughts of Monkeys in a Barrel, Slinky Dog, and Mr. Potato Head swam through my head!  I started list making and came up with more ideas than I could put into action.  So, I give you our party (plus a few extra ideas)!

Make an Entrance

I love to decorate my front porch, so I just had to go overboard from the start.  We had balloons, of course, but so much more than that!  The poster was simple enough to make with a ruler, a pencil, and some paint pens.  

Toy Story party ideas include decorating the entrance to the party!

I found these 14x14x14 boxes at Walmart and covered them with brown craft paper.  I used my trusty pencil and ruler to draw the edges and letters and then painted them with craft paint.  It was a labor of love, but I adore how these alphabet blocks turned out!

Guest Book

I love to have a creative way for everyone who attends to leave their mark.  Just inside the door, I hung a monkey garland to lead guests into the dining room.  

I have a Silhouette cutting machine, so it was easy. But you could just as easily print them on red cardstock and cut them with scissors.  They hook together for an easy and cute decoration!

Toy Story birthday party monkey banner

This year’s guest book was a Bucket O’ Soldiers (complete with a certificate of authenticity).  We had pictures of our son, green army men, and sharpies on the dining room table.  Every guest signed a green guy!  Now when he plays with them, we talk about which loved one signed each one.

Toy Story party decor bucket of soliders guest book.

Toy Story Birthday Party in the Living Room

The living room is where people hung out for most of the party. It’s also where we opened presents. The fireplace is the focal point of that room, so I wanted to decorate the mantel to match our theme!

Decorations inspired by Toy Story make this birthday party special!

I found grey foam board at Walmart, pained a red edge, white knobs, and the Etch-a-Sketch logo on it and wrote Happy Birthday Blake in a super simple font.

Ta-da…giant Etch-a-Sketch!

Handmade Etch A Sketch

I created some art for Blake’s door to make it look like Andy’s door in the movies.  I wanted to decorate every part of the room, so I also made some watercolor prints for the frames around the room. Follow me on Instagram if you’d like the watercolor characters (or any other characters).

Toy Story birthday printable decorations

Decorations in the Kitchen

The action is where the food is!  I had so much fun with the food, but I’ll get to that in a future post.  Here’s what my kitchen looked like for the party. The Happy Birthday banner was made with red and blue card stock.  

Don't forget about the table! Toy Story party ideas for the table don't have to be complicated.

I printed a few pages of white card stock with cow print and a few more with a pattern like Woody’s shirt.  I used my Silhouette to cut out letters and then strung them up in front of the window!  

The cow print tablecloth came from Amazon and we chose red plates and yellow napkins to match Woody. There were green army men climbing the table leg, across the table, and up to the light fixture. I added Woody, Barrel of Monkeys, and a Fisher Price Phone.

Try these simple ideas for your Toy Story party! Decorating isn't hard with these quick ideas that make your party stand out! #toystory #toystorypart #disneypartyideas

I went with Buzz Lightyear’s color scheme for the lunch bar.  A few more characters made and appearance there. Bullseye’s Watering Hole had cups with decals made with my Silhouette cutting machine.  Every cup had different characters in different colors so that no 2 cups matched – no need for markers to write names!

Make your kid's Toy Story dreams come true! Try these easy Toy Story birthday party decoration ideas for your next party planning adventure! #toystory #toystory4 #toystorybirthday #partyplanning

Toy Story Party Decor at Home

We did all of the decorating after my son went to bed.  It was all ready for him when he woke up on his birthday!  The look on his face as he walked around the house noticing that Buzz, Woody and friends were everywhere was priceless.  He had a lot of the characters already, but a lot of them were new and part of his gift.  It was a great way to save a few dollars, too!