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Disney World shows are often overlooked because most guests are eager to experience more thrilling entertainment. Shows in all the parks are worth a second look. They are relatively quick (think 45 minutes or less for most), offer an opportunity to sit down for a bit, and are highly engaging and entertaining! These are the best shows in Animal Kingdom at Disney World.

Must See Animal Kingdom Shows

In Animal Kingdom, there are several “must-see” shows you do not want to miss. There are many great “street” performances, such as Burudika in Africa, Chakranadi in Asia, and DJ Anaan in Asia. However, I want to focus today on the attractions with consistent show times throughout the day.

Festival of the Lion King

The first time my children visited Disney World, they were enamored with the Festival of the Lion King. This is a Broadyway-caliber show that only lasts about 30 minutes and plays multiple times daily. Find it in the Harambe Theater, toward the left side of the Africa section of the Animal Kingdom.

It’s a musical extravaganza that takes you through an abbreviated telling of the animated classic. If you’ve ever seen the stage production of The Lion King, the costumes will seem very familiar to you as they appear to have taken their cues from the Broadway show.

I highly recommend this show if you are visiting Disney World this year.

Finding Nemo-The Big Blue…and Beyond!

Another show you won’t want to miss in Animal Kingdom is Finding Nemo-The Big Blue…And Beyond! Like Festival of the Lion King, this musical features all your favorite characters from the Disney-Pixar movie. Guests will see Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Squirt, Crush, and more of their favorite characters from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

In this production, most action occurs between puppet characters, with the puppeteers blending in seamlessly. After a few minutes, you’ll probably forget that actual people are on the stage singing and dancing, not just puppets. Watch out for Crush’s appearance; how he is presented on stage is unique!

Finding Nemo-The Big Blue…and Beyond! is a little longer than most shows at around 40 minutes. It is a high-quality production that will satisfy you with time well spent. It is also indoors, a huge plus when seeking shelter from the heat or random Florida rainstorms!

UP! A Great Bird Adventure

A relatively new show, UP! A Great Bird Adventure pairs Wilderness Explorer Russell with his loyal friend Dug on a high-flying adventure. Russell, Dug, and their troop leader learn about bird species worldwide.

This is a free-flying bird show, so be prepared for swooping, soaring birds overhead. It lasts approximately 25 minutes and runs about five times a day. The show ends in the early afternoon, so don’t wait too late to see it!

It’s Tough to Be a Bug

Next, we can’t miss the classic attraction; It’s Tough to Be a Bug. It must be included, even if I’m not a massive fan of the attraction.

Based on the movie A Bug’s Life, the show is a 3D film and a live animatronic show combined. There are dark and loud moments, so ensure you and/or your little ones are prepared!

Seating for this show is indoors “under” the Tree of Life. There is ample seating, so I wouldn’t waste a Lightning Lane reservation on this one.

Nighttime Shows in Animal Kingdom

Unfortunately, there are currently no evening shows in Animal Kingdom. The amphitheater in Asia has played host to shows in the past, including Rivers of Light, but after the park’s re-opening in late 2020, the show never returned.