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Disney World vacations require a lot more planning than your ordinary vacation! With all of the choices you can make, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to make the “right” choices for your family. Memory Maker, Disney World’s PhotoPass option, is an optional add on that may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, I think it’s great for families, especially if you can split the cost amongst your traveling party!

Disney has a great system for helping you get your lost items back.

What is Memory Maker?

First, let’s explain what Memory Maker is. It is an optional addition to you Walt Disney World vacation that allows you unlimited downloads of all your PhotoPass Photos. What is PhotoPass? It is simply the Disney Cast Members in and around the parks that offer to take photos for you. They are usually easily identifiable by their khaki vests and copious amounts of camera equipment!

Keep your ride photos when you add a Memory Maker pass to your DIsney World vacation.

Should I purchase Memory Maker Before my Trip?

When you purchase Memory Maker before your trip, you save yourself $30.If you wait until you are on your trip to purchase Memory Maker, the price goes from $169 to $199. Why pay $30 more if you don’t have to?

Fun photopass opportunities like this one with Remy happen during Epcot's Food and Wine Festival.

Additionally, If you don’t purchase Memory Maker within 3 days of taking your first trip photo with PhotoPass photographers, you’ll have to pay for those Disney photos separately. More $$ spent on top of not saving that initial $30? No thanks. You also run the risk of not being able to connect those photos with you My Disney Experience account, which is an IT mess in and of itself. If you’re considering Memory Maker at all, just go ahead and purchase it well before the start of your vacation.

Help Out the Family Photographer

Everyone can be included in the photos AND everyone in your party has access to the photos! Got a photog in your family? They’re never in the picture are they? With Memory Maker, someone else is taking the shot so everyone gets to be in it. Yes, the PhotoPass photographers will take a picture with your personal camera for free, but have you ever tried to get a group photo with more than 3 or 4 people? Everyone wants the same photo on their camera, but they only want to stand still for a photo for so long, and taking the same picture with 5 different cameras ruins the moment.

Lost and found experiences can make or break your Disney vacation.

Take one and be done! If you link up everyone in your party’s Disney account to the Memory Maker before you go, you’ll all be able to access the photos without having to each buy a Memory Maker. Split the cost between family members and really save yourself some $$!

Keep All of Your Photos (Yes, ALL of Them)

You get to keep every. single. photo. taken by PhotoPass photographers.Individual photos cost $14.95 each. If you just buy 10 photos (and, really, who is only going to buy 10?), you’ve just spent as much as you would spend on the Memory Maker option. On our last trip, my family got to keep over 280 photos we had taken (some were 3-4 photos of the same shot, but sometimes it takes 3-4 shots to get everyone to look!), PLUS any photo we had taken at a Disney World restaurant or a ride.

Memory Maker includes photos from restaurants at Disney World.

Ride and/or Restaurant Photos Included

Finally, yes you also get to keep all ride/dining photos at no additional cost. I rarely buy ride photos. They always seems so pricey for just one 8×10 photo or several wallets (does anyone really keep wallet photos anymore?). With Memory Maker, you get to keep your photos from any rides you want as well as ones taken at any table service restaurants you dine at. Those restaurant and ride photos can be as much as $25 or more, so even if you only get 2-3 of those, you’ll also have saved money there.

What is Memory Maker? What are the benefits of having it? Read this post to find out everything you need to know! #disneyphotos #disneytravel #wdw #disneyworld #familyphotos

We had 2 restaurant photos and 2 ride photos in addition to our 280+ PhotoPass photos. If I bought everything individually, it would have cost me well over $1,000. Kinda crazy thinking about it in those terms!